About Me

Hello! My name is Han and I am a Junior in college studying at the American College of Thessaloniki. I am an elementary education and human development major. The purpose of this blog is to complete and post assignments for my ecology class this spring semester.  I am very interested in learning more about the ecological history of the enviroment,and the effects that different populations have had on the resources. A topic that I have heard about this year is global warming. I would like to examine the different ways in which we can work to preserve the enviroment’s natural resources, and lessen the chances for this type of event to occur.

I was born in Providence, Rhode Island. Below is a picture!


Rhode Island is a very small state. It is located on the east coast of the country next to Massachusetts and New York. It is mostly surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. It contains a variety of different land types. There is a coastline of beautiful beaches, country sides with vast fields of farmland, and a city with soaring sky scrapers and a large population of inhabitants.


Here are a few places within the state:

Providence, is a small city that is very populated. The “Providence River” flows through the city’s center. The river streams out from the bay that surrounds Rhode Island. This bay is called “Buzzards Bay.” Providence, has many populated buildings and streets. Large traffic jams, and dense population make pollution within the city very common.


Newport, RI is a town located about 45 minutes from Providence . It contains many of the beaches in Rhode Island. Roads leading to the beaches contain large sand dunes. There are also a series of hills and cliffs that exist along the coastline. There are four main beaches in Newport, each placed at the end of different cliffs. Sea food is commonly retrieved from the bay surrounding Newport. Newport also contains miles of grassy farmland where a variety of crops are produced. There is a large population of tourists that inhabit Newport every summer, because of this the pollution levels in the town increase. The beaches often become covered in trash.



Currently I am living in Thessaloniki Greece. Thessaloniki, is a very populated city. There are many buildings and long winding streets populated with people. The city overlooks the Aegean Sea, and provides a view of the surrounding mountainside. The city is very hilly, the countryside of Thessaloniki has much greenery. There are a variety of different plant types that exist within the city and countryside, such as olive trees and orange trees!



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